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Thursday, July 5th 2012

5:29 AM

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Related article: Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 17:17:28 -0500 From: Christian Parker Subject: Christian Parker 5The following is a complete work of fiction. I based it loosely on my own exploits as a young adult. It uses both what I did and what I wanted to do. If reading about sexual actions between boys and men upsets or offends you or worse causes you to engage in the pursuit of little nymphets underage fuck abusing underage boys please discontinue reading immediately. If you can keep fiction from reality separate in your daily life then by all means enjoy the following story. Feel free to email me. Enjoy: I woke up slowly feeling warm and safe. I felt silky sheets against my naked body. Silky sheets? My eyes opened abruptly to a world of black silky sheets and strong man-flesh. I was in Coach Cooper's bed, my little bum snuggled up against his stomach. One meaty arm was around my front the other beneath the pillow I had been sleeping on. My memories slowly returned. I remembered walking to Jeremy's house, getting picked up by Coach Cooper, our long talk about sex and secrets, and then the heavenly sucking thing Coach Cooper had down to me. What had he called it? I couldn't remember the name, but I remembered it was a form of sex. It didn't matter. I turned my head to look over at Coach. He sweet nymphet free pics was sleeping deeply, his massive chest rising and falling in a gentle masculine rhythm. His square jaw reminded me of my own father. I snuggled up against Coach, relishing the pulsing warmth that flowed from his body into mine. My left hand moved to stroke the wiry black hairs of his arms. I began to grow tired and weak within the warm, safe embrace. I sank into slumber. A few minutes later, somewhere between being russian nymphet biz asleep and awake, a thought occurred to me. "What model nymphet tgp would Coach Cooper's cock taste like?" After a long inner struggle I woke up instead of drifting off back to asleep. Coach Cooper was deep in slumber, but he had said I could touch him anywhere I wanted. I wondered if he was still naked. I gently turned around so that we were chest to chest on the bed. He had taken off his muscle shirt and my hands now had free access to the mat of fur on his chest. I ran my hands through it, taking care to gently touch his nipples. I leaned in and breathed in his nymphet in nylon warm masculine smell, over and over. It was delicious. It was especially tantalizing the closer I got to his armpits. I reached out my tongue, running more on instinct than thought and licked the center of his chest. It was warm and a little salty. I liked doing it, not really for the taste, but for the way it made me feel. I licked more of his chest, moving through the forest of hairs to one of his nipples. It made me feel sexy and special. My thoughts then nymphet nudes free torrent returned to Coach Cooper's penis. nymphet nudes free torrent Surely that would taste even better than his masculine chest. I let my hands move down coach's chest past his belly button and then felt it, Coach's cock, large and pulsating even as he slept. I guessed that the big cocks of adult men like Coach never slept. I took a deep breath of Coach's scent and then wiggled as softly as I could down below the sheets. I didn't want to wake Coach Cooper, my brother hated when I burst in his room to wake him up, even if he was already awake and just lying in bed with the covers on top of him. My cheek brushed against Coach's cock. I was down between his legs now with his giant cock resting on my young nude nymphets models cheek. I couldn't see very well but I could feel and smell it. My little hands reached out and grabbed it, holding it carefully in place. I tentatively stuck my tongue out and licked at the little under section. It was delicious. Unlike anything I had ever tasted. There was a slight tinge of iron and a blandness, but that musk that I had smelled could be tasted on his cock. That musk was what was delicious; the secret ingredient that sent shivers down my spine. I licked his cock again, licking from the underside up to the tip. This time I tasted the clear liquid I had seen before, precum. nymphet angels pussy It was thick like syrup and a little sweet, I loved it. I licked the tip of the cock again in an effort to taste more, I felt like a little bee drinking a flower's nectar. Coach Cooper moaned and rolled over to his back, pulling his delicious penis away from me. Not to be outdone I crawled, carefully between his legs and licked his delicious cock from the base straight up to the top. Then I began to remember all of the things Coach Cooper had done to me. I figured I could make him feel as good as he had made me feel. I took another deep breath and then put 10 yo nude nymphets the head of his whole cock into my mouth. I had to stretch my mouth open really far, but I did it. I wrapped my lips around it and enjoyed the sensation of fullness that overwhelmed me. I was full of Coach Cooper. I could taste his meaty flesh. I wanted more. I took another breath and moved down, taking in more of his cock, just another tgp forbidden nymphets inch or two. Then I had to breathe and so I pulled back up and sucked in a deep breath. "FUCK!" Coach Cooper threw the silk sheets off of us, exposing his manly body and me looking guilty in between his legs, his cock head still locked behind my lips. I froze, afraid I was in trouble. Coach was staring down at me, his brown eyes wide, "fuck," he sighed again and then fell back down closing his eyes. I didn't know what that meant but I decided to keep going. Up a pulled off his cock again and then opened my mouth wide to go down. I went back down another four inches. "Yeah Christian, that's a good boy." I tried to smile, but my mouth was too full of Coach Cooper's cock to do so. "Keep those little boy lips wrapped tight around my cock." I pulled up again sucking on his cock like it was a lollipop, trying to get his delicious musk flavor into me. I pulled all the way off and looked back down. His big cock was beautiful and made me feel so excited, so horny. I dove back down, going as far down as I could. Coach moaned as I was down about five inches, but something happened, I choked and pulled nymphettes illegal nude pics off coughing. "Careful Christian." Coach's hand reached down to run through my hair. Then he pushed my head back towards his cock. "You're doing good, that's called a gag reflex. It will go away if you try really hard to ignore it. Just imagine opening your throat the tiny nymphet nude way you open your pretty soft red lips. Then you will be able to go all the way down." I nodded and with a deep breath sucked his cock all the way back in. I went down about five inches again and paused. I imagined myself opening up for Coach Cooper. I wanted to make him moan, I looked up from his cock, staring at his eyes, he nodded. I went down again and this time I could feel nymphet nudes free torrent myself letting go, embracing whatever it was that made me want to touch men's pee pees. "OH FUCK!" my nose was pressing against Coach Cooper's body, buried in his dark wiry hairs. I had taken russian nymphet biz all of Coach Coopers cock into me. I tried to giggle but couldn't. Up I pulled back quickly and off Coach Cooper's cock. I was beaming with a huge smile, "I took it all in my throat Coach." Coach grinned. "Yes you did soldier, now go back down there and finish the job." I dove back down on his cock focusing hard and managed to go back down seven inches almost as far. "Yeah baby," I pulled up and went back down again and again. "Yeah keep those lips wrapped tight, suck really hard when you're coming up, yeah that's it. model nude nymphet Oh fuck." I noticed Coach Cooper was producing more precum, it was leaking out like a fountain. Every time I went up on his cock I could taste a fresh stream. I sucked it up and took a faint breath of air before diving down again. "Yeah suck that big cock. Oh Christian, you're such a good boy. Use your tongue. Oh fuck." I dove all the way down to his pubes and then pushed out my little boy tongue to caress the base of his cock. Then up I sucked, "yeah work the head." So I stayed on his head a minute, licking all around the purple cock head, sucking up Coach's precum, before diving back down on his cock. I knew I had learned to open my throat like coach wanted because I didn't even have to pause anymore before diving all the way down on his cock. "You're a natural at this baby," Coach Cooper moaned. His hand came around behind my head and began moving me up and down on his cock. Up, down, in, out, breath, up, down, swallow, suck, breath. My neck was growing sore, but my body was building up new sensations. The feeling I had had before, the feeling of when swimsuits nymphet Coach Cooper was sucking on my cock, that feeling was coming back now as I worked hard on his member. masturbating nymphets This was just as good as that feeling, maybe even better. I loved men's cocks. "Oh Christian, I'm gonna shoot," I tried to look at him. I was completely confused by this. But his hands were still on my neck pushing me up and down on his cock. "Suck it hard baby, keep those lips tight, yeah take it all." -Up, down, in, out, breath, swallow, suck, swallow, suck- "Fuck I'm gonna blow my wad down your little virgin throat. Gonna make you my cum sucking slut boy. You ready soldier. Take a deep breath." Up, down, breathe, in, out, "HERE IT COMES!" Suck, swallow, up, down...down...down. Coach's hand was pushing me all the way down on his huge member. I could feel it ballooning even bigger than it had been before. nymphette child porn He gave a tremendous moan and guttural cry. Down he pressed me, impaling my throat on his engorged member; and then I felt something moving in my throat. Coach Cooper's huge cock was pulsating in my throat. I felt something being poured down in my stomach from deep in my little nymphets underage fuck throat. I was scared. I tried to pull up, but Coach's hand was holding me down. I was running out of breath, but I stayed, Coach was writhing, I had done something to him, but maybe I had done something good. I tried again to pull up and this time succeeded. I slowly pulled up sucking hard like I was supposed to. "FUCK!" Coach's brown eyes bulged from their head and he gripped the black silken sheets. He was staring at me as though he were in pain as I sucked my way up his cock. His big pee pee pulsed again shooting something in my mouth now that I had come up a few inches. I continued up and his cock continued pulsing and pulsing and peeing more of something in my mouth. Now I had only Coach Cooper's cock head and I could taste the liquid. It was warm and salty and quite simply the most delicious thing I had ever tasted. I pulled off of Coach Cooper's cock and let thick substance swirl in my mouth. "Coach, what did you pee in me?" I asked, with a mouthful of the substance. Coach was laying back on the bed now. His face a strange kind of calm and happy as though he had just half woken up from a great dream. He looked at my face with a big smile. "That's called cum. Do you like it." I swallowed feeling the warm substance slide down my throat. I watched his big cock, now slowly deflating, pulse again and leak out a bit more of the substance on his hairy chest. I immediately bent down and licked it off. "I love it." I said, "What is it?" "Well," Coach smiled, "there is a long, big scientific explanation, but the simple one is that it is a special liquid men make and hide in the cocks. We keep it there and give it to special boys and it makes them cumsluts. It makes those special boys crave cum like they would new toys or cookies. From now on soldier, you're going to want masturbating nymphets cum from daddy men like me. Anytime you want more cum just ask and I'll fill you up. Come here." I crawled up in his arm and he cradled me. "Damn soldier, you are so good at that," he purred into my ear. "You are a goddamn natural. model nude nymphet Such a good cock sucker." he bit my earlobe. I moaned. I loved the way he was talking to me. "Do you want to be my cumslut bitch?" He licked my shoulder up to my earlobe. "YES," I moaned. "Yeah, you will be baby. Damn you are the best I've had, and that's really saying something." I was drifting off to sleep, tired, warm, and satisfied. Some inner need in me had been quenched. I had done what I was supposed to, fulfilled my function, earned the A, and proven myself. I was so happy. I floated away on a cloud. "Yeah, you're so damn good I'm gonna have to share you..." I nymphet 101 didn't think about what that meant, I was already asleep. Well what do you think? Special thanks to everyone that has emailed me and encouraged me. Feedback keeps me going so feel free to email me.Please be patient, Christian's adventures are just beginning. I will update with more soon. Please email me at Christian.Parker.2009gmail.com
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Thursday, July 5th 2012

12:00 AM

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